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17 Award Winning Romance Short Film
RORY HOME is Genevieve's director debut, she's also the producer and the lead actress! 
Currently premiering in the festival circuits, RORY HOME has won 17 international awards so far in NY, LA, Chicago, Paris, Vienna and Singapore. Including "Best Actress" in Los Angeles Film Awards, "Best Romance Film" in Oniros Film Awards, "Best First-Time Director" in New York Movie Awards, "Best Editing" in Crown Point International Film Festival.

Fun Facts

1. From writing story ideas to post production, RORY HOME took 2 months 27 days to finish.

2. This 12min short film includes 7 music soundtracks.


A new home feels wrong when Cecelia’s partner has to leave unexpectedly for months. What follows is a long distance romance between an imaginative Chinese artist and her American boyfriend Rory, explored through 3 major phone calls, as she fights through her loneliness to stay true to her creativity.


Cast - Genevieve Shi, Christopher Alvord

Writer & AD - Megan Magee

Cinematographer & Editor - John Robert Hoffman

Composer - Albert Behar

Production Assistant - Carly Wilkins

G & E - Paul Wallace, John Kiss

NJ Premiere in Northeast Film Festival at Teaneck Cinemas


NY Premiere in New York Movie Awards at The Kraine Theatre


NY Screening at Producer's Club in Oniros Film Awards, Live Q & A


RORY HOME is featured in the book "SHORT FILMS: A Non-Exhaustive List Of Highly Creative Shorts" by Indie Wrap Magazine!!

Available to purchase on


Behind The Scene

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