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Having been on off-Broadway twice and been invited to perform as soloist at 2017 & 2018 OSCAR CHINA NIGHT, Genevieve is here to teach you to sing in both English and Mandarin (your choice)!




1. To sing is a gift. Your voice is UNIQUE and YOURS ONLY.

2. Be patient with yourself, it takes time and practice. Don't underestimate baby steps.

3. Singing is not just about your vocal chords, but also connecting with your whole body and building muscle memories.


Genevieve as the casting director and vocal coach at the audition of The Man Of Mancha


Genevieve leading the cast of Man Of La Mancha doing group exercises

Genevieve was the casting director and vocal coach for the mandarin production of Tony Award Best Musical MAN OF LA MANCHA, which premiered at Symphony Space. She also coached singers in the rock musical concert CHAOS, which took place at FOU Gallery, Brooklyn.


Genevieve started to play the piano since 5 and was trained classically in voice in China. After she came to the US in 2013, she dived into contemporary styles like Broadway, Pop Rock, Disney and Jazz. Gen is experienced in switching between classical and modern styles, plus her background in Film/TV as well as on stage, she's more than excited to teach you how to use acting to your full advantage and add on to your singing technique! She believes that every person is special and is meant to shine in their own way, and it is important to be patient, loving and kind toward oneself during the journey of self-growth. 

To learn more of Genevieve's artistry background, please check out the links below.

老唐 2.JPG

Genevieve doing private voice coaching one on one

Genevieve does private voice coaching one-on-one as well as group class. To book a singing lesson with her, please send your request to


“Genevieve was my vocal coach when I was a cast member of the musical “Man of La Mancha”. I’ve had many vocal coaches in the past and I’m pleased to say none of them have helped me achieve as many vocal breakthroughs as Genevieve. Working together with her only for a brief 2 months, we were able to get specific and iron out the challenges that I faced as a non-professional singer. She has always created a fun, loving, safe, and encouraging rehearsal space that allows for so much growth and discovery. Genevieve is a vocal coach that’s definitely worth your time, and your money.” 

                                                                                                                                                                      -- Aileen Wu


"The time with Genevieve was super helpful! She’s specific with the techniques she uses and it’s thrilling when we discovered progress each time. A great time with her coaching. Intelligent, inspiring, and full of joy."


                                                                                                                                                        -- Yudun Wang  


"I met Genevieve in the Mandarin Version Musical Play “The Man of La Mancha” and feel so thankful to experience her proficiency in her vocal coaching. Naturally I was nervous whenever I sang on the stage and was not confident in my own skin. Noticing my problems, she would always conduct a consultation before we started the vocal training, encouraging me to resonate with my character and my songs. Even just for one sentence of the song, we tried to outline various scenes, use different emotions, body gestures and facial expression time and time again to seek for the best way to demonstrate. She was never judgmental to any of the ideas that I raised and would give me the instructions and advices that are most suitable for me. Through her strong perceptiveness, she helped me find my inner strength and spirit, and magically transferred them to my voice. She is truly a worthy coach!"

                                                                                                                                                                    -- Viola Li

"Genevieve is a vocal coach who works patiently and efficiently. We worked together when we were preparing for "In This Chaos" concert. She is such a joy to work with. The adjustments she gave me were playful and helpful, and it has been exciting to observe Genevieve's enthusiasm for singing and coaching. "

                                                                                                                                                   --Muchen Cai

"The experience in La Mancha with Genevieve is absolutely amazing! Not only could she correct your vocal, accent and music problem, and also gave you acting guide and practice suggestions, which makes us get the chance to reach the whole character, plz try it if you have a chance!"

                                                                                                                                                     --Kaidi Li

"I took my first class with Genevieve in May 2019. It was a group class and her voice sounded different from everyone else in the room, that’s when I think ”Wow, she must sing very well”. Not only can she sing, she has really encouraging teaching style that I am not used to growing up. She recognize every effort I put in and is never shy about complimenting my smallest accomplishment. I’ve been taking classes with her since then and she always tries her best to find different methods to help me improve. I was really shy when we first started it. Class after class, I feel more and more comfortable with singing. Now not only do I like singing, but thank to Genevieve I can enjoy it more."

                                                                                                                                                    --Ruyi Zhang

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