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Chinese Accent Reduction



Besides singing, Genevieve also coaches people on giving better performance in their daily English speech. 

Genevieve has been passionate about language ever since a little girl. She thinks both Chinese and English are beautiful. Having been in both the US and Chinese film/stage productions, as well as teaching spoken English, Genevieve developed her own method of speech. Instead of pushing away your mother language, Gen says "Use it to your advantage in order to speak English better."

Genevieve has figured out a way to use Chinese to one's advantage to speak better english

The ability to speak with perfect American accent and convey certainty in your daily communication, is affecting one's social confidence in one way or another.

Over the past few years, Gen has been in film/stage productions of both English and Mandarin, doing interviews for both the US and Chinese press, as well as making English speech in front of hundred-people audience. She's experienced in building connections with the people she's communicating with and delivering confidence.

No matter if you work in business or law or social science or still a student at school......

No matter if your goal is to be more confident in daily communication or business meeting or nail that TOFFEL/IELTS test...... 

Genevieve is here to help you take your English speech to the next level!

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